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Seasonal Plant Health Tips



  • The Hemlock Wooley Adelgid is not feeding now, so it s great time to treat Hemlock with IMAJET injections to protect them going into the fall.

  • Early summer and late summer tick spray help keep your family and pets safe.

  • Summer is a great time to do some pruning to keep plants under control. Don’t forget to deadhead some of you perennials to promote a second bloom.


  • Fall is the time to apply a fall horticultural oils spray, to help smother some of the eggs that have already been laid.

  • Last tick spray of the season.

  • Fall deep root fertilizing helps trees store nutrients for the nest year.

  • Late fall is time to get ready for winter. Wrap plants that are at risk of snow load damage to help them shed the snow.

  • Anti desiccant is applied to all broad leaf evergreens to protect for wind burn. Organic Deer spray applied to help protect landscape plants.


  • Winter is great time for structural Ornamental pruning. When the leaves are off the trees it exposes the branch structure making it easier to correct any problems.
    It also reduces the spread of disease from tree to tree.

  • It is also a great time to plan any up coming projects and plantings.

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