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Plant Health Care

We offer ArborJet System Injections which keep pesticides inside the tree keeping people and pets who come in contact with the tree safe.

Plant Health Care

Andover Tree Preservation focuses on tailoring custom plant healthcare programs for our clients.

Deep Root Fertilization
Trees are autotmic organisms, meaning they create their own food. In a natural setting, trees every Fall drop their leaves which breakdown and create an organic compost food source. In a landscaped setting, every Fall we remove the leaves and in doing so, the natural food source. Trees in a landscaped setting are competing with other plants such as grass, and small shrubs. Trees need to be fertilized to keep them from becoming stressed. Trees that are stressed start to decline and are more susceptible to pests and disease. Deep Root Fertilization is applied six to eight inches into the soil directly into the root zone. This gives the trees a chance to absorb the nutrients before grass and other plants.

Horticultural Oil
(Dormant Oil) Is one of the most effective means of controlling pests such as; Aphids, Scale, Mites, and Adelgids. Horticultural Oil is a highly refined petroleum based oil which controls pests by asphyxiation, and by disrupting their feeding in some cases. Horticultural Oil is non-toxic to people and pets and will not harm beneficial insects.

Arborjet Injection System
Gone are the days of broadcast spraying pesticides all over your yard, and your neighbors. Andover Tree Preservation Co. Inc., uses the Arborjet closed port injection system to administer pesticides, fungicides, and nutrients directly into the tree's vascular system. We are able to target specific pests with the proper control and administer a measured dose. The control, or nutrient is injected into the xylem of the tree and carried throughout the entire tree by the vascular system. There is no pesticide outside of the tree for people or pets to come in contact with.

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